NeroQom Privacy Policy

NeroQom's Privacy Policy

You know we’re the architects of high-end maintenance . That shows we take our job really seriously. We also take the security and privacy of our client’s information very seriously. Not because of laws, but because it matters .

You’ll find out about the information we collect about you, how we’ll use it and store it. Do not worry, none of it involves selling your data to anyone. Not just ex-presidents of foreign countries who have millions of dollars which they need to transfer to someone else’s account. We’re keeping all those for ourselves. Sorry.

There are lots of ways you’ll interact with the NeroQom Squad on line and this covers all of them. Keep it simple, that’s what we say! Well, when it comes to the legal stuff. Okay, some of the legal stuff. ANYWAY , if you’re ready, we’ll start …

What are we up to then?

When you visit this website, we know. We’re just clever like that. Okay, we use cookies which collect information about your as your IP address. Also, if you use a contact form this will, no surprises here, give us some information about you. It will give us your IP address as well, so be aware of that.

But why do we use tracking cookies? Put simply let us provide functionality that customizes the site for you. There will be a notice on the site when we’re doing this, so, if you do not mind us having that information, hit OK.

But WHY?

We use your information for a lot of different things. All of them have been checked by Mum and she thinks they’re fine. But, if you like to know the specifics, this is how we’ll use them:

      • To respond to you. If you drop a message on any of our contact forms, we’ll use the information to supply you. It would be if we did not!
      • Sometimes our website is pretty clever for our partners, what you can see.
      • To make things better, we’re not perfect … yet. So, we’ll look at what you can do better. It’s like everything we do, we’re always trying to improve.
      • To market and talk to you. Scary, I know, but if you give us an email address, we may drop you the odd email to let you know what we’re up to. If you do not want it, hit unsubscribe on the email and we’ll get the message. It’s fine. We know, it’s not us, it’s you. We’ve heard it before. If there is someone else, you should have just said …
      • Just to check. We are always looking for our clients and our Squad. We may use the information to look for suspicious or fraudulent activity.
      • To look after NeroQom. It is a sad fact that some people will “borrow” information, images, ideas or other things for their own nefarious plans. We will monitor things for our own legal rights and business interests. Data sent to the site may be used in relation to legal claims, compliance, regulations and audit functions.
      • To give ourselves a check-up. Sometimes we need to make sure our servers and systems are running correctly. When we’re getting things out, we may use some of your data to do it. We’ll use things like your IP or country preference to do it.

When we say “we”, we mean our IT Geeks, it’s nice to get them out of the cupboard and into the fresh air a bit. Their little faces just light up when we say we’d like to run some testing!


Nearly. We may also ask for your dates in other circumstances. We’re talking about things like testimonials or case studies. If we plan to do that, we’ll let you know and ask for your permission to do it.

When we do use your information, the Squad is bound by the terms within this policy. Our client information is accessible to members of the contractual obligations and non-disclosure agreements. Do not worry, we’ll be looking after your information for you.

Any Questions?

If you have some questions, do not hesitate to give us a call on our HQ.


T: +31162466002

Thanks for trusting us, we really appreciate it. We’re not a client or a partner yet, and we’re not about to start.