What is NeroQom?

Our clients say NeroQom is like a DOCTOR.

As a DOCTOR, we know how to help with the maintenance and protection of your building or yacht.

NeroQom your Aesthetic Comfort.

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About us

NeroQom. Restoring and Protecting to Experience New Again.

Our customers say that NeroQom is like a Doctor. As a Doctor, we take care of anodised aluminium, bricks & masonry, coatings, concrete, glass, natural stone, polyplast, stainless steel, wood and …

We hate Damage, Aesthetic Degradation and Contamination. NeroQom reinvented maintenance into Specialist Disciplines to leave your project better than we found it. That’s why we blast, brush, clean, coat, inspect, maintain, polish, prevent, protect, remove, renovate, repair, restore, restyle, sand, upgrade, wash, wrap and …

Whether your project is under construction or after completion, we work at European airports, commercial-, government-, office-, public-, residential- & highrise buildings, hotels, hospitals, industry, museums, stations, superyachts, swimming pools, trains, universities, villas and …

We are ladies and gentlemen serving to world leading architects, building contractors, facade contractors, real estate owners & managers, shipyards, superyacht owners & managers, yacht crew, manufacturers, suppliers and …

When you have a problem we can help using the best in NeroQom Specialist Disciplines, NeroQom Consultancy and NeroQom Store. We even have NeroQom Emergency Assistance. To discuss your Aesthetic Comfort we come to you or you are welcome to visit us in our offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.