Excellent solutions overcome the toughest problems.

There are many reasons why the look of your prestigious building or superyacht will degrade. Damage can occur during construction, due to cleaning failures, material compatibility, the environment or inferior maintenance guidelines. It doesn’t matter which, any of them will quickly impact your investment.

If you’re trying to fix or avoid this,  you’ll need to find, evaluate, book and pay separate specialists. Let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work. 

Or you can simply call us .

NeroQom has unique expertise, our Squad has  30 years of  experience in restoring, maintaining, and protecting some of the most iconic buildings and superyachts in the world. Our experience means we understand your responsibilities and what you expect from us.

We efficiently take care of all aspects of a project; from inspection, solution development, planning, safety, security, environmental impact and implementation, you only need us.


We excel at finding solutions to any challenge, complex or simple.

We have worked with clients all over the world, providing products, consultancy or completing the work, you can find the benefits of NeroQom  here :

  • NATO – Brussels
  • De Rotterdam
  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  • WTC – Amsterdam
  • Palace of Justice – Antwerp
  • Bloomberg – London
  • SY Black Pearl 106m
  • MY Madame GU 99m
  • MY Ocean Victory 141m

Every project is unique, so we listen closely to deliver what you need.

We recommend the most cost-effective and efficient solutions whilst avoiding replacement.

Through experience we will give you the best possible results. That’s all that matters.


There are many companies who think they’re in our playing field; but if they can’t help their clients with all aspects of damage, aesthetic degradation and heavy contamination, they’re wrong.

Our clients love us, they tell us all the time. We feel especially proud when they tell us we’re like Doctors. Who doesn’t want that? But what matters is the work that brings the recognition. Results are what truly matters.

For nearly 20 years that focus has been guiding us and making us better. With every project we’ve been helping our clients to experience new every single day.


There is only one NeroQom.

No other business will bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to you … because no one else can.

You can see the difference in ADaPT.

ADaPT is our strategy which covers every aspect of how your project will be completed by the NeroQom squad.


Our ADaPT strategy can be applied to every service we offer including consultancy, performance, product supply, project management, status registration, project oversight and Long-term Maintenance Planning (LMP).

For NeroQom, ADaPT means we care mentally and physically. Yes, we really get excited when it looks like new again. Our job means we’re out in the sun a lot, okay?

For you ADaPT will deliver results you can experience, both with your eyes and balance sheet.



Sven Brinkman, CEO NeroQom

Sven Brinkman

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Dave Brinkman, Co-founder NeroQom

Dave Brinkman

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Ruben Stam, Company Manager (The Netherlands) NeroQom

Ruben Stam
Company Manager
(The Netherlands)

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Ludwig Hellings, Company Manager (Belgium) NeroQom

Ludwig Hellings
Company Manager

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