The NeroQom doctors are in and ready to help with all of your aesthetic ills.

You’re probably wondering what it will cost you? Thankfully, our convenient scale of services is here to answer that very question:


  • We'll kiss it better
  • Two cookies


  • Two Painkillers
  • Two cookies and coffee

That's really sore

  • We'll kiss it better
  • Two cookies

Should it be that colour

  • No, put this cream on
  • A good dinner somewhere nice

It just fell off

  • We'll put it back on, then rest
  • A weekend away in the sun

*flat line sound*

  • Clear!
  • Bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles!

But the feeling of experiencing new again? Well, that’s priceless!

Seriously now, if you want a price (a real one) then get in touch and we’ll send you an ADaPT quote.