Maintenance is more than just wet & dry window cleaning or “waxing” your multi-million dollar investment.

Everything we do is customised to our clients needs. When we develop your care plan we look at everything. We’re the only company who will consider the details. Is it near a busy road? The sea? Is the location busy? Which facing gets the most sun? Which is most exposed to rain? We’ll look at how it was built and what it was built from.

All of these factors and more, can have a profound impact on the way in which your building is best maintained.

NeroQom offers maintenance which is designed to extend the life of your building. We then select the most suitable discipline for now as well as for the future.

We can also deliver real upgrades for your delicate materials. We regularly make surfaces easy to clean and help protect them against graffiti. This way, we change the weakest link in your building into the strongest.

If it is time for a change, our Squad can also be restyle as we maintain. Applying different coatings or vinyl wraps which will alter the appearance or texture of the finished product.

NeroQom is not just about changing the definition of maintenance, we’re also about celebrating our clients. Contact us today  to find out the very bubbly way we do this … and to discuss your maintenance needs as well of course!

What we do

– Maintenance
– Protection
– Restyle
– Upgrade


– Anodized Aluminum
– Bricks & Masonry
– Concrete
– Coated Surfaces
– Glass
– Natural Stone
– Polyplast
– Rubber
– Sealant
– Stainless Steel
– Wood