Graffiti is a menace to the modern urban environment. It seems few buildings or structures are safe from the spray can’s attention.

The prompt removal of graffiti has been shown to discourage further attacks and yield better results. The quicker it’s removed, the less damage it does.

NeroQom provides a range of removal services that minimize damage to the environment.

Simply send us an image of the damage and we’ll let you know what we can do for you and at what price. All of our work is carried out according to the highest standards at all times.

Beyond this, we can upgrade your surfaces to make removal easier in future and reduce damage, even adding anti-graffiti treatments to your structure.

We are the graffiti emergency service for cities, building managers and owners across the world. If you want to see why, get in touch with the squad today.

What we do

– Protection
– Restoration
– Restyle
– Upgrade


– Anodized Aluminum
– Bricks & Masonry
– Concrete
– Coated Surfaces
– Glass
– Natural Stone
– Stainless Steel
– Wood