We love all prestigious buildings, so we take great pride in bringing faded ones back to their original glory and keeping them that way.

Design, materials, construction, the environment, traffic, use and time, all of these and more impact the look of your structure. NeroQom are the leading experts in helping our clients to experience new again.

No matter what the cause of the degradation, we have the solution. Our comprehensive experience across a wide array of disciplines and a massive range of materials ensures that we will have an answer.

When we are invited to take a look at your restoration project, we use our ADaPT strategy to select the right disciplines for your exact needs.

Whilst restoring, we will give you the power to upgrade the protection of your materials and, in some cases, restyle with new colors or coatings.

At NeroQom our restoration solutions go beyond hiding the problem, we prepare and protect your structure for the future.

Does that sound like what you need? Let us know and we’ll get started on a restoration plan with you.

What we do

– Protection
– Restoration
– Restyle
– Upgrade


– Anodized Aluminium
– Bricks & Masonry
– Concrete
– Coated Surfaces
– Glass
– Natural Stone
– Polyplast
– Rubber
– Sealant
– Stainless Steel
– Wood